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Meet & Greet:6.15pm

1st Wed of the Month
1 Longford Park Drive
Takanini, Papakura
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April and March 2013

April Dinner Meeting 2014

We express a special appreciation to our Zontian Member Sonia Faulkner, for conducting the South Auckland Club Arena night in which we took a good look at ourselves and how we saw our Club progressing. Sonia’s expertise in facilitating an interesting and entertaining interaction, where members could contribute and openly express their expectations has brought sound ideas for our board to work on.

Following is a summary of the most supported contributions, collated by Sonia..

1) What is remarkable about the South Auckland Zonta Club?  

The fellowship and friendship and working together.

2)  What would we like others to comment about when they read our newsletters, come to visit as speakers or guests, visit our website, read about us in the newspaper?

That we are making a difference in the community. That we are a friendly group of ladies.

3) Who do we want to target for membership?

Successful people who can make time for Zonta; like minded people who are interested in service.

4) What might we need to put on the website to attract members?

Up to date data, activity photos, list of projects achieved over the years.

5) Should invited speakers at club meetings have a particular focus? If yes… what

focus should they have?

Positive subject matter in advancement of women. Variety and balance.

6) How can we involve our Friends of Zonta in our activities and keep the connection fresh?

Keep them well informed, always make them welcome and let them choose participation.

Sonia leading the discussion 


 March Dinner Meeting 2014

Our speaker for the March Dinner was Elizabeth Subritzky, founder member and Director of Freedom from Sexual Exploitation. Elizabeth has presented a submission to the House of Parliament to repeal the Prostitution Reform Act which has proved to fail in protecting women selling in the sex industry.

Elizabeth proposed the adoption of the Nordic Model which has been so successful in Sweden, where prostitution has been halved since the prohibition was introduced in 1999. 

New Zealand is a destination for trafficking women.  The information Elizabeth related to us was somber and challenged us as Zontians to help curb the rise in this form of slavery.