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District 16 Interests

Zonta New Zealand works with and provides funding for many charitable organisations helping to raise the profile of women.

Zonta New Zealand has an on-going relationship with providing services for Women’s Refuge.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women - 25th November. Zonta Clubs throughout New Zealand, plan special events on White Ribbon Day (25th Nov) to support the message of zero-tolerance of violence against women and children.



2016 – 2018 District Project

Sophie Elliott Foundation


2014 – 2016 District Project

Sophie Elliott Foundation

The Sophie Elliott Foundation (SEF) has been selected as the Zonta District Project for the 2014-2016 biennium.
Following the death of Sophie Elliott at the hands of ex-boyfriend Clayton Weatherston, it soon became apparent that her five-month-long relationship had been an abusive one. This led Sophie’s mother Lesley to research the phenomenon to determine why she and Sophie didn’t recognise the signs. The Foundation was formed with the aim of violence prevention through education, awareness and empowerment of young women.
SEF joined the New Zealand Police and the It’s Not OK Campaign to implement a full-day workshop for year 12 students called Loves-Me-Not. The workshops will allow students (boys and girls) to examine what behaviours constitute a healthy (equal) relationship as opposed to an unhealthy (controlling) one. Effective bystander strategies and where to seek help are also featured.
SEF has taken on the responsibility of providing quality audio/visual resources for Loves-Me-Not along with a book based around Sophie’s story. The book will be offered free of charge to students completing the workshop. Zonta District 16’s support will enable the printing of the book and possibly some of the video resources.
For more information visit SEF at or




2012 – 2014 District Project

The Gynaecological Foundation of NZ.

The Gynaecological Foundation of NZ‘s mission is to inform and educate the community about all forms of gynaecological cancers with the aim of increasing survival of New Zealand women. Every year 850 New Zealand Women are diagnosed with gynaecological cancer and approximately one New Zealand woman dies every day of this disease.

Early detection saves lives. The cervical cancer smear cannot detect ovarian, uterine or vulvar/vaginal cancers and this programme is about making women aware of the symptoms for early detection to save lives.

The key to fighting these diseases is that women are aware of the symptoms to look for and seek early medical help.



Zonta South Auckland once again raised money in 2014 for our District Project, Gynaecological Cancer, by selling spring bulbs. These beautiful freesias grew from the bulbs planted last year and gave a gorgeous and aromatic display around many gardens in the community. The Gynaecological Foundation of NZ‘s is an organisation that makes a huge difference in many women's lives; the work it does is so valuable and lifechanging that club members are very enthusiastic to support the Foundation's efforts.

 For more information about district projects, contact Lizzie Farrell, phone 09 239 1860

In 2012 and 2013 the club held fundraising 'Come Dine With Me' events for friends and relatives to raise funds for the Gynaecological Foundation of NZ

Sonia Faulkner and Gillian Rust enjoy one of many occasions